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COP1 Standard Features...

 The COP1 order picker is extremely efficient for collection of orders and thanks to the working platform that can be elevated is also proves versatile as a rolling ladder or operating platform. 

The COP1 is extremely efficient for classic collection of orders and thanks to the working platform that can be elevated, it proves its worth as a rolling ladder or operating platform. Compared to a conventional rolling ladder, the COP1 not only saves time by eliminating the need to climb up and down, but the risk of an accident or damage to the goods is also lowered.

The ideal solution for almost any application area

When used inside and on flat floors, the elevating work platform buddy can be used to fill shelves, check inventory, mount signs, replace lamps or complete cleaning and repair work.

  • Maintenance-free 120Ah lithium ion battery
  • The charger cable is integrated in the vehicle
  • Internal charger can be connected to a standard 240 Volt power socket
  • Neither charging rooms nor ventilation systems are required, as the charging process generates no gases.
  • Collecting goods or orders at reach heights of up to 5m
  • Travel speed of up to 6km/h depending on the lift height
  • With a total width of only 750mm and a turning radius of only 1,260mm, the vehicle is easy to manoeuvre in narrow aisles or confined working areas including most standard doors.
  • When the working platform is lifted, the safety bars lock automatically.

Opportunity Charging with Lithium-Ion battery

Powerful lithium-ion technology results in a long lasting and maintenance free battery that can be rapidly charged during breaks throughout the day ensuring higher uptimes.


Thanks to the five-point chassis, which comprises of a combination of drive wheel, two support rollers and two load edges, gives the COP1 strong stability and stable driving characteristics.


Easy-to-reach switches allow safe and productive works. The maximum speed is automatically adjusted at different lifting heights.


The ergonomic steering control ensures intuitive and precise operation of the vehicle. Small parts can be safely stowed away in the standard storage compartments. Two cup holders and a storage compartment for documents make everyday work easier for the operator.


The COP1 comes with standard safety features, such as electrically monitored safety bars, two optical hand sensors, a dead man’s switch in the footwell, a tilting sensor and a safety sensor under the working platform to increase safety when the vehicle is lowered.


Lithium Ion Forklift

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LEP16-32 Standard Features...

Simple, intuitive, environmentally friendly. The LEP Series lithium-ion counterbalance forklift is the perfect alternative to an IC forklift.

Simple, intuitive, environmentally friendly. The LEP Series lithium-ion counterbalance forklift is the perfect alternative to an IC forklift.

  • Increased safety at night with front/rear LED Lights
  • High strength over head guard for driver safety
  • Full colour dash with 4 driving modes
  • CLARK suspension seat for operator comfort
  • Ample storage space
  • Low centre of gravity design for increased work stability
  • Ergonomic lever arrangement reduces operator fatigue and maximises operator space
  • Safe entry and exit with boarding handle and anti-skid tape
Powered Pallet Jack Lithium-ion Battery

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WPio20 Standard Features...

The WPio20 lithium-ion pallet truck is ideal for transporting all kinds of goods over short distances and is ideal for use in industrial, logistics and retail applications. With the interim charging capability and fast charging times, the WPio20 is ready to work. The Li-Ion battery with a weight of only 14 kg can be changed very easily and ensures maximum availability.

Powered by Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Powerful Lithium-Ion technology results in a long lasting, light weight and maintenance free battery.
  • Less energy consumption than similar models with a lead-acid battery
  • Extra service life and charge cycles over a conventional lead-acid battery
  • A small lamp in the lithium-ion battery enables additional illumination in dark storage areas.

Suitable for confined spaces

  • Manoeuvrable in tight spaces
  • With a weight of only 250kg, the WPio20 is ideally suited for use in confined work areas and in a range of different applications

Rapid Charge & Battery Change

  • The internal charger can be connected to a standard 240v power socket and without the need for a dedicated charging room.
  • Handy exchangeable batteries with a weight of only 14kg are optionally available to further increase uptime.
  • 2 hour charge times and the ability to avoid long downtimes by recharging throughout the day, the WPio20 ensures maximum uptime.

Smart Display

  • Battery management is made simple with a large clear display that shows battery charge percentages and operating hours.
  • Display of error codes
Powered Pallet Jack Lithium-ion Battery

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WPL25 Standard Features...

Extremely compact and light weight, the CLARK WPL25 is ready to go with it’s rapid charging lithium-ion battery. High on safety and low on effort, the WPL25 is the must have replacement to a manual pallet jack!

The WPL25 is ideal for transporting all kinds of goods over short distances in applications such as industrial, logistics and retail.

The WPL25 CLARK Lithium-Ion Electric Hand Pallet Jack is an ideal alternative to traditional manual hand pallet jacks. The removeable battery pack features the latest lithium-ion battery technology, rapid charging, top-up charging and double service life all in a small package.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lithium-ion powered lifting removed the eort out of a job needed with a manual pallet jack
  • Ready to go with rapid charging lithium-ion battery - After a deep discharge, 60% charge reached in 40 minutes or full capacity after 2.5 hours
  • Up to 3 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Reduces the risk of injury associated with a manual pallet jack
  • Easy to use with intuitive operation and no forklift licence required
  • Extremely compact and low weight (just 130kg) makes it ideal for transport in trucks or on tail lifts
  • Convenient charge station is small in size and weight and plugs into a standard power point – the battery itself weights just 5.1 kg!
  • 30% less energy consumption than similar models with a lead-acid battery
  • Twice the service life of conventional lead-acid battery with approximately 1,000 charge cycles
  • Know your operation time left with smart display with battery charge and hour meter
  • Gets into confined spaces larger materials handling equipment cannot fit in
  • Ergonomic design with easily accessible controls
  • Safe with built in horn and belly button reversing switch
Walkie Stacker (Pantogrpahic)

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WSRX15 Standard Features...

Equipped with a lithium Ion Battery and pantographic reach, a compact design and easily accessible controls the WSRX performs excellently all the time. 

Get in and get it done with the CLARK WSRX15. Fitted with a lithium ion battery for fast charging and ability to interim charge giving you higher uptimes. Equipped with a pantographic reach this walkie stacker is easy to use, versatile and no forklift license is required!

Packed with safety features. The WSRX features: an emergency stop button within easy reach of the operator; electronic brake when the handle is raised and speed control when the forks are raised above 30cm; neutral resisting roll back on ramps; safety reversing belly button to prevent crush injury and easy access horn.

The top mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort and minimum steering effort. Gas assisted spring gently returns the handle back to the vertical position. Travel, lift, and lower functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle, accessible without having to lift the hand from the handle. Easily visibly hour meter and battery indicator ensure your operators are on top of their battery usage.

Maintenance is no problem. The visible hour meter and battery indicator ensure your operators are on top of their battery usage. With an easily serviceable control head for convenient diagnosis and repair with the control system allowing for easy troubleshooting. Conveniently the back cover provides easy access to all key components for inspection and replacement. The AC traction motor is maintenance free.

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