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Forklift Operator Safety Tips With CLARK

2 June 2021

CLARK has been manufacturing and selling industrial equipment since 1917 and understands the importance of safety. This week we want to reiterate some small steps we can all take to assist safe workplaces for all the CLARK community from dealers to customers.

Forklift Operator Safety Tips

1. Make sure you are wearing appropriate safety gear which consists of hi-visibility clothing, a hard hat and safety shoes. Be sure to tuck in loosely fitted clothes to avoid it from getting caught on the forklift.

2. Before use, operators must do an inspection of the forklift. Brakes, steering, controls, warning devices, mast, and tyres are some of the things you should inspect. You must report to management if any defects are identified.

3. When approaching blind corners, slow down and drive cautiously – use the horn if needed. Always have someone guide you if a load is obstructing your sight. When driving around and raising the mast, be aware of any ramps, wires, uneven floors, and ceiling clearance in the working area to avoid any problems.

4. Pay attention to the forklifts stability and move at an appropriate speed. Be mindful of the centre of gravity of the forklift when operating with a heavy load as well taking corners and any turns slowly to avoid tipping over.

5. When finished operating be sure park the forklift in the designated area, not obstructing pathways, fully lowering forks, apply parking brake, turn off the engine and remove the key. When off, it is also important to refuel or recharge in a well-ventilated area.


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