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Light on the Environment, Strong on Performance - EPXi Series

24 May 2021

Help reduce the air pollution in Asia by switching to an environmentally friendly forklift. CLARK International Singapore have released the EPXi series to help reduce emissions and energy consumption.

The latest uptake of our EPX25i comes from a renewable energy wind farm GE International INC AS located in the rural areas of New South Wales, Australia. While they are working to provide a sustainable energy source, they required a forklift that not only could produce lower emissions but also be reliable enough to handle outside working conditions. The EPXi manages to be environmentally friendly and meet their needs.

While being built to last is a core principle of CLARK, this also translates to helping go green with working to improve product life cycles and in return reduced resource heavy manufacturing while delivering cost efficiencies to the end consumer!

This battery electric forklift is robust and can be used with handling capabilities of 2.0 to 3.2 tonnes. When amongst wet, uneven floors and restricted working environments the EXPi thrives due to the its features. Maintenance and servicing are easy as the AC motors are very reliable and cost effective.

The EXPi, like all Clark Forklifts, is built to last. This core principle is another way going green with Clark helps the environment.

The EPXi features: -Lift Height: max. 7315 mm -Travel speed: max18 km/h -Stacking aisle width: 3808 mm -Battery capacity: max. 48V/715 Ah -Drive motor rating: 15kW

Built to last. Help the environment last. Enquire with us today.

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