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Designed for Intuitive Operation - CLARK L20 Series

18 May 2021

Safe and Simple

Clark's new L20 series has been manufactured with the drivers in mind. Simplicity, intuitiveness and cost effectiveness are the aim of the L20. This series boasts a very intuitive design giving the drivers an instinctive feel due to the simple and sleek dashboard making it unchallenging for drivers no matter what the experience level.

Businesses and workplaces are always looking for areas to increase productivity. Whether it be decreasing times in training of operating machinery or time spent servicing and sourcing parts. Due to Clark’s simple design approach of the L20 they are aiming to make it a lot easier to operate without sacrificing in the safety department.

The XinChai engine is well renowned and proven engineering which makes it easy to source parts worldwide as it is well supported with high quality common parts. The cowl mounted brake and levers are easy to reach, as well as a QR code of the operating manual on the machinery to assist with the efficiency of training.

Simple. Intuitive. Cost effective. Built to last. What more could you want?

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