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Introducing the all New L20 Series

7 September 2020

Today CLARK International Singapore is very excited to announce the release of the CLARK L20 Series internal combustion diesel forklift!

Designed for simple, intuitive operation and cost effectiveness, the L20 Series is the newest IC Forklift in CLARK's Built to Last Range! This cost-effective forklift is high on value and strong on performance.

The L20 will open up new markets for CLARK and its partners, including industries with less regular usage, to less taxing materials handling applications and to those buyers focused on the initial cost of the truck and may have always looked to used options.


Simple maintenance and parts access is a key benefit of the Series. A high volume proven XinChai engine, no computer diagnostic systems, no elaborate electronic functionality and easily sourced parts makes the L20 simple to service increasing your up time!

Intuitive design and operation is at the heart of the L20 Series. Modern aesthetics, strong on ergonomics, intuitive operation and simple dashboard appeals to operators and buyers alike.

The CLARK L20 Series is packed with value that continues throughout the life of the forklift. Well supported and cost-effective parts, simple key components (often common with other Clark forklifts) and the absence of computer based tooling all lower operating costs. The simple design of the Forklift also lowers the initial buy price, ensuring the L20 Series can be sold in many markets previously not considering a new forklift from a leading brand like CLARK.

With over 100 years of lift truck innovation, design and industry firsts, CLARK’s Built To Last engineering is every part of the L20 Series as any other forklift. CLARK’s high strength proven upright is a distinguishing feature of the truck, whilst safety remains a element of forklift design where there is no room for compromise.

Now you can now see why Clark is so excited about adding this new L20 Series product to our line-up of quality lift trucks. From the simple maintenance to the intuitive design and operation, all at a cost-effective price point, we feel this truck will surpass your customer’s expectations.


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