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500 Hour Service Intervals with CLARK GTS Series!

5 November 2018

The CLARK GTS Series Forklifts are Built To Last! And we’re so confident in this, we offer an extended service interval at 500 hours, meaning you have greater forklift uptime and lower ongoing maintenance costs!

Reliability and efficiency doesn’t stop there. Industrial wet-disc brakes significantly reduce brake GTS25Lmaintenance and brake wear, driving down the total cost of ownership and increasing durability.  

The GTS is offered with a 3 year driveline warranty for added confidence and reliability!

How much does a “2.5 tonne” forklift really lift? The Clark GTS25 will lift more than most. Forklifts are normally rated with a 500mm load centre. In Australia this has to be 600mm, so a 2.5 tonne fork truck is derated to lift LESS than 2.5 tonne. A Clark GTS25 will still lift a robust 2.2 tonne at the 600mm load centre; greater than many of the competitors.

Safety is not an afterthought at CLARK. Key safety features of the GTS include:

  • Smart seatbelt interlock – operation prevented when the seat belt is not secured
  • Neutral start - If the gear lever is not positioned in neutral, the engine will not start
  • Tilt lock valve - Prevents the accidental forward tilting of the mast while the engine is switched off
  • Gas springs with automatic lock - Prevents accidental closure of hood
  • Safety valve - Prevents accidental uncontrolled mast lowering in the event of oil pressure hose damage

The CLARK GTS Series impresses with solid construction and high quality components, with all the latest design and ergonomics. The series is ideal for packing containers, shifting pallets and any other materials handling applications!


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